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  • Your Go-To Gift: Gifts to Grow On
  • Julie Carton
Your Go-To Gift: Gifts to Grow On

You need a gift for a new baby, a toddler or child's birthday, or other special occasion.  But this is the child who has everything!  He or she has every toy imaginable and shelves full of books.  Clothes will be outgrown quickly, and dolls and stuffed animals are discarded after a few days.  If you're looking for a unique gift that will be appreciated and enjoyed for years rather than days, we have a few suggestions!  Here are our favorite go-to "gifts to grow on" for babies and children.

Personalized Wooden Footstool


Kids love bright and colorful things, especially when they have their own name on it.  Our fun little wooden footstools made with solid alder wood and are hand painted with detailed care, just for you on order.  The legs are angled outward so the stool is sturdy and won't tip, and the stool is just the right size for a child to pick up and carry where ever he or she needs a boost.

Why we love it:

  • will be used for years to help give your little one a boost up
  • ... or for his or her own special place to sit down!
  • whimsical mix of patterns and bright colors + cute designs and personalization - what's not to love?!!


Growth Charts

We did say "gifts to grow on", right?!! 

  • Julie Carton

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